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It’s like that whole “who’s on first” bit
October 21, 2008, 5:29 pm
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Monkey: Mommy, I saw a man with a baby on his back the other day.

Me: Really? Where?

Monkey: On his back.

Me: No, where did you see the man with the baby?

Monkey: On his back, I told you.

Me: Where were you when you saw him?

Monkey: Oh, he was walking by.

Me: On the street?

Monkey: No, Mommy, on the sidewalk.


Straight from the Monkey’s mouth
October 5, 2008, 9:32 pm
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Monkey in a barrel

We were at Mamita’s house having dinner when Monkey looks up from her food an says, “Mamita has made the best meal ever!”

Monkey models her candy necklace

Monkey and A were practicing guitar together. A song with lyrics about ‘broken hearts’ comes on.

Monkey: Broken hearts? I have a broken heart.
A: You do?
Monkey: Yeah, but it’s fixed now, so I’m happy again.

Princess Monkey

Walking home from her school one day, we come across a pigeon with one leg.

Monkey: Why does that pigeon have only one leg?
Me: I don’t know. It must’ve gotten hurt somehow.
Monkey: And it lost the leg?
Me: I guess so.
Monkey: I know! When I get older, I’m gong to become a police officer so that I can help the pigeon find his foot!

This is how monkeys hang

As we’re walking past the firestation near her school:

Monkey: Hello, Firefighters! (turns to me) Mommy, I said hi to them. They look nice.

Yes, they look very, very nice.

Her monsters saw wood
September 12, 2008, 9:09 pm
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A’s mom slept in the spare bed in Monkey’s room while she was visiting. One morning, Monkey comes up to A and me and we have the following conversation:

Monkey: There’s a monster in my room.
me: Monkey, there’s no monsters.
Monkey: Yes there is. I heard it. It snores at night.


I tried to convince Monkey to come with me to Fairway for some grocery shopping.

“No, I want to go to the park.”
“We need to buy some food, Monkey.”
“But, the park is calling my name, Mommy.”
“Is it now? What’s it saying?”
“It’s saying ‘Don’t go to Fairway! Don’t go to Fairway!'”

September 8, 2008, 11:23 pm
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A’s mom was visiting a few weeks ago. She tells Monkey, “Your baby sister was telling me how she has such a great big sister.”

Monkey replied, “No she didn’t. She can’t talk yet.”

"Is my tongue blue yet?"

At the zoo today, a group of kids were calling the monkeys in an exhibit. They were asking the furry animals if they wanted to play. Monkey tells them, “They don’t actually talk.”

At Lefferts House

We took you to the West Indian Parade on Labor Day. You loved watching the “princesses” and screamed when Ronald McDonald rolled by. How the hell do you know who Ronald McDonald is?

watching the West Indian Day Parade

Monkey’s a sister
July 16, 2008, 6:46 am
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My apologies for the lack of updates. We’ve been busy welcoming out newest member to the family.

Upon meeting her new sister, Monkey exclaimed, “I think my baby sister likes me!”

She’d be crazy not to, Prettymonkey.

Monkey meets her baby sister

Jam-packed weekend
June 15, 2008, 9:15 pm
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This week ended with you running a fever all day Thursday. I thought for sure I’d have a sick little monkey on my hands all weekend. However, like always, you surprised me and woke up Friday morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for your dentist appt.

I wasn’t sure if you were playing a trick on me or not, so I took you to the park early in the morning to see how you’d take it. You loved having the park almost to yourself. It was also not too hot, so we hung out for over an hour, just running around and playing on the swings.


Friday was your second trip to the dentist and you were amazing. The dentist commented on how beautiful your teeth are – she proclaimed them to be “Princess teeth”. You really appreciated that. Armed with your new Belle toothbrush and a crapload of trinkets, you walked out of there all smiles and wondering when we’ll be able to go back to the dentist.

Monkey cheeze

Saturday, we woke up and headed out to your last soccer practice of the season. You finally grew to love soccer, and even looked forward to it. You learned to run and play and kick the ball. You’re a stickler for rules, though, and would meticulously finish each exercise with the utmost precision, even if it meant that you were the last one back in your spot. That’s OK, though. I’m sure you have enough of your momma in you that you’ll soon be questioning authority and doing things your own way. Oh, joy.

Post soccer snacks

After practice, we headed to the Farmer’s Market at Grand Army Plaza where we bought some of the sweetest strawberries we could find. You came home with your face stained pink from all the berries.

Sunday we headed out to a craft festival where we tried to keep from melting in the heat and humidity. Luckily, we found some ice-cream and stuffed our faces.

Cooling off at RENEGADE!

After returning home for a little rest, we picked up Mamita and Alba and headed out to Brighton Beach for dinner on the boardwalk. You snuggled under Mamita’s wrap.

Snuggling with Mamita

Then helped her run off her dinner…

At Brighton Beach

At Brighton Beach

Hope you had as much fun this weekend as I did, Prettymonkey.

Beach beauty

June 2, 2008, 9:40 pm
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We moved this weekend. Unlike the last apartment, where Monkey’s room was right next to mine, she’s now sleeping in a room that’s clear across the apartment. It’s far enough away that I can’t hear her if I’m in my room, so we set up the baby monitor. I haven’t had a baby monitor on her in over a year, and it’s been pretty entertaining hearing what all goes on in her room before she goes to sleep.

So far, tonight we’ve heard:

– “What’s this? I don’t want this in my room!” (Not sure what that was about, but she got over it quickly.)

– Monkey sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her doll, who is apparently turning one.

– Monkey had a whole conversation with a Princess. (Not sure which one, but they discussed the pizza that we had for dinner.)

– Monkey retold the story of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and the witch who melted when “Dorfee” threw water on her head.