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Park obsession
August 31, 2007, 4:16 pm
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Flying I

Like every kid, Monkey is in love with the park. One mention of the ‘p’ word is usually enough to calm a tantrum or convince her to put on her shoes/brush her teeth/let me comb her hair. I love you, park. I’ll miss you when you get too damn cold to visit every day – sometimes twice a day.

Flying II

Her favorite part of the park, hands down, is the swings. She can hang out on those things all day. She laughs hysterically whenever I make her “fly”, and always asks me to push harder.

Monkey hearts swings

Babygirl, I’ll help you fly anyday.


She recently took her first ride on the big-kid swings. It was a slow, careful ride. She clung on white-knuckled and was concentrating so hard on keeping her balance that she barely cracked a smile.

first ride in big-kid swing

There’s also been lots of monkey-gym climbing. She’s been getting so much braver about climbing up stairs and ladders by herself. It’s amazing watching her confidence grow leaps and bounds. Ahh, little monkey, so small and yet already so grown-up.



Even when I try I can’t be cool
August 26, 2007, 11:41 am
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Monkey and I were sitting having lunch when I notice her eating with her fingers.

“Monkey, use your fork, please.”
“Mommy, that’s not a fork. It’s a dinglehopper” (that’s a Little Mermaid reference, for those of you not in the know)
“Oh, OK…then use your dinglehopper.”

The next day, I’m serving breakfast and, thinking I’m going to be cool and down with the lingo, I ask Monkey if she’d like a dinglehopper.

She looks at me with that face that lets me know that I will forever be un-hip and says, flat-out, “Mommy, that’s a fork.”


Trying to take it easy
August 16, 2007, 1:19 pm
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kissable cheeks in front of a whole lotta attitude

Things around here have been a bit crazy the past two weeks. Monkey and I moved into our new apartment. The new building has an elevator, which has quickly become Monkey’s new obsession. The now-lazy princess loves taking the elevator ALL the way to our second-floor apartment.

tortillas on the beach

We did manage to make it out to the beach one evening to enjoy the sunset, eat a little dinner, and fly our kite. She still insists on holding onto the tail of the kite, so it only gets about 6 feet into the air. She’s not afraid of the sand at all anymore, though. She’ll actually roll around in it now, which is fun. Especially when I get to deal with all the sand in the car.

Doesn't everyone were their pants on their head?

She’s been getting a lot better about dressing herself, especially when it comes to putting her pants on her head.

cheeks peeking out of shorts?

cookie monster
August 15, 2007, 11:53 pm
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Monkey was eating an organic oreo-type cookie. She likes to split the cookie and lick all the frosting first. She finished the first half of the cookie and looked at me with cookie all over her face.

“Can I have another cookie?”
“Monkey, you have one in your other hand.”
*she looks at the cookie in her hand, then looks at the other empty hand and holds it up to me*
“What about THIS hand?”

Oooh, she’s good.