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She didn’t go as Tinkerbell
October 31, 2007, 9:01 pm
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She wasn't Tinkerbell

Monkey opted out of her myriad of Tinkerbell costumes for something a little more comfortable – behold, mini Bride of Frankenstein. Or, rather, our best interpretation of her. All of her costumes were “too itchy.” I couldn’t be bothered to go buy her a new costume (especially since she had like three to choose from), so I did the next best thing – ghetto Halloween. That’s how we roll in K-town, yo.

Here, have some candy.

The recipe, in case you care to replicate this masterpiece, is as follows: one white undershirt, a pair of scissors. That’s it.
Cut off the bottom of the t-shirt to use as a belt, then chop up the rest of the shirt. Throw it over a turtleneck and some leggings, pay $2 for some cheap-o face paint, rub some in hair…done. Two dollars, people. When you’re this cool, you don’t need no stinking costume store.

Prom Queen and Princess

We were even able to re-use our pumpkin from last year – thanks, grandma! The leftover paint went to me. Monkey helped do my face. I threw on a tiara (don’t lie, you all have on in your closets), a prom-y dress (yup, already owned that, too), and a sweater to keep my upper bits warm. 15 minutes, from start to finish, and we were both ready to head out into the world to beg for candy.

She finally got the hang of trick-or-treating

It took the Monkey a little bit to warm up to the whole asking-strangers-for-candy thing, but once she realized how easy it was to get grubby fistfuls of tooth-decaying goodness, she was all over it.

We're bringing sexy back

Our neighborhood had a small parade for toddlers. We showed up and immediately realized that we stuck out. There we were, two bloodied zombies amongst a sea of Tiggers, ballerinas, Elmos, and Supermen. We got plenty of stares, but I believe they were just overwhelmed by the totality of their envy for our kick-ass costumes.

The girls

Happy Halloween, Monkey. Hope you don’t get the runs from all that candy.


October 28, 2007, 7:42 pm
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I was playing with Monkey, telling her that I was going to nibble on one of her eyes.

Me: “C’mon, you have two. Let me eat one.”
Monkey: “No.”
Me: “Just a little taste?”
Monkey: “No. It’s not for eating. It’s for crying.”

You so crazy
October 27, 2007, 8:37 pm
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Monkey and Jessica are sitting down playing “Candy Land” today. Jessica tells her, “You’re so funny!”
Monkey very matter-of-factly corrects her by saying, “I’m not funny, I’m just crazy.”

Seriously. I almost pee’d myself.

October 23, 2007, 8:21 pm
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= )

Monkey is going through a growth spurt. Either that, or she’s got a tapeworm. I picked her up from school today just as she finished her afternoon snack – a yogurt cup and some apple slices. When she got home, she downed a cup of milk. After playing for about an hour, she had an adult-sized portion of lentil soup and a cup of watered-down juice. She had some energy to burn, so we walked to my mom’s house where she ate an entire banana, a cup of orange juice, and a pan de queso, which is basically a roll of cheesy bread.

I was telling my mom and her friend, Alba, all the food that Monkey managed to consume over the course of about two hours.
My mom told me, “Please notify us when she decides to start eating people.”
To which Alba added, “Yes, so we’ll know to start running the other way.”

Just another Friday
October 19, 2007, 8:59 pm
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I was planning on dropping Monkey off at school this morning so that I could get some stuff done. However, Monkey asked me if she could stay home, and I’m a sucker, so, instead, I dragged her along. It turned out to be a fantastic idea.

First stop: the car wash.

working at the car wash

Monkey was in awe. The car wash by our place is the kind where you can watch your car through a glass. I didn’t want to risk freaking out Monkey by having her ride in the car, so we stood inside and watched the show from a safe, non-claustrophobic, distance.

tipping at the car wash

Monkey shoved a few dollars into the tip “jar” (it was shaped like a truck. Funny.) We always appreciate a good show.

After the car wash, it was onto the gas station because silly mommy forgot to remove Monkey’s carseat before having the car vacuumed. So, off we went to play with the vacuum at the gas station. It was a little (a lot) too loud, though, and Monkey kinda sorta freaked out.

After regaining her composure, she checked to make sure that her mascara hadn’t run down her chubby cheeks.

"checking her face"

She was such a good sport, so we went for a walk, collected leaves, and picked up some things to make yummy cupcakes.

Fall leaves and eyelashes

Monkey bakes.
yes, we change our clothes about three times a day around here. She’s a diva like that.

We made banana nut muffins and some chocolate cupcakes. Fun!

As I was cleaning up, I noticed this:

The muffin bandit strikes again.

A few minutes later, I witnessed this:

The muffin bandit caught in the act.

Hmmm. I’m going to have to start putting stuff a little farther back on that counter.

OH! Our trip to MD was fantastic! Monkey and her bff, Littleface, had a blast! Momma’s run went really well, and we all had fun hanging out with our favorite folks. Head on over to Littleface’s site to see some pics. It’s on her photostream, too.

Ask and ye shall receive
October 11, 2007, 10:21 pm
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Sprout in sunlight

Monkey received a few fun gifts this week from her Tio Dru and his lady, Christina. First, this fabulous Tinkerbell costume, because a girl can never have too many pompoms or glitter.

Monkey and her new easel

She also received a very cool easel, complete with paints and brushes and all sorts of things that help keep her busy while I make us dinner. Thanks!

We spent the weekend running around the City, which meant that we had to make sure were were looking fashionable when we met up with friends for lunch:

Mini fashionista

We needed some ice cream to cool off…

We all scream for ice cream

And all that city-living works up an appetite, so we relaxed with some honeycrisp apples. Yumm.

Mmm, honeycrisp.

Monkey attacks her snack

We’re off to Maryland this weekend to visit some friends, and to watch Momma run a half-marathon. Yay!

Mine’s bigger than yours
October 4, 2007, 7:01 pm
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